Wedding GraphicGood Shepherd welcomes and invites its members to have their Wedding ceremony and reception at Good Shepherd. Our Pastor will take you through the pre-marriage counseling class. Please see the below marriage pamphlet and information form for a more detailed description of what God's design is for marriage and also a form to fill out for the Pastor. If you are in need of some resources, please let us know (there is also an area in the pamphlet for that as well). (There will be a suggested honorarium for the Pastor's services) 
We hope Good Shepherd can be a part of your wedding plans and we are here to help you along the way!

Non-Members: For those couples who wish to use the Good Shepherd Sanctuary for their Wedding ceremony, it will be necessary to speak with the Pastor about your wedding plans. If you and the Pastor work out an arrangement and agree upon a date, there will be a charge from the church for the use of the Sanctuary and/or Fellowship Hall as well as a fee for the Pastor's time. Please let us know how we can help facilitate your celebration.

Marriage Cover
Marriage Pamphlet and Information FormMarriage Pamphlet and Information Form

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