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    Good Shepherd Lutheran Church  (GSLC) is a growing congregation of believers who focus on the message of Christ’s saving grace, with its power to give and heal. Our services are relaxed and respectful and Gospel-oriented, stressing Christ’s un-conditional love for His people.

    GSLC is part of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. It is one of 3 Lutheran Churches in Lexington, KY who are LCMS churches. GSLC has an average family membership of about 65 families. There is a staff of 12 members who meet monthly to make administrative decisions for the church. There are also 5 elders who guide and watch over the spiritual welfare of the church family.

    There are 5 boards that meet regularly to facilitate the growth and well-being of the church body. They are the boards of: Christian Education, Evangelism, Fellowship, Stewardship and Trustee. Other parts of the church body are the Choir and the Altar Guild who take part in making the Sunday Service a celebration to God’s Saving Grace.

    The church members are asked to meet 2 times a year in November and May for a Voter’s Assembly to facilitate the work of the church and vote on new staff members.

Missouri Synod History

    GSLC is part of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod which traces its origin to 750 Saxon immigrants who came to Missouri in 1839 seeking freedom from religious rationalism in Germany.


    The Synod has 10 colleges, two seminaries, 62 high schools and the nation's largest Protestant elementary school system with 1,786 elementary schools and preschools. Good Shepherd is currently the home of  one of their new schools which is called the Lexington Lutheran School. Please see their website at: http://lslexington.org/ for more information.


    Well known for its emphasis on Biblical doctrine and faithfulness to the historic Lutheran Confessions, the Synod also manifests an innovative spirit in seeking new ways of proclaiming the Gospel. Concordia Publishing House (www.cph.org), whose Arch Book Series for children has sold more than 55 million copies, is the nation's fourth-largest Protestant publisher. A pioneer in radio and television work, the Synod operates the world's oldest religious radio station, KFUO, (http://www.kfuo.org/)  headquartered in St. Louis, Mo. Please read more information on the Missouri Synod’s website found at: www.lcms.org.


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